Invitation – Celebration of the release of Daniel Sandate from military prison, Jan 22 in OKC

The Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Joy Mennonite Church would like to invite you to help us celebrate the release of Conscientious Objector Daniel Sandate from military prison.

WHERE: Joy Mennonite Church, 504 NE 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

WHEN: Jan. 22nd, 5 p.m. (press conference), 6 p.m. (potluck dinner), 6:30 p.m. (Daniel will speak)

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a dish of your favorite food and friends. We want to pack the house with supporters of Daniel!

WHO IS DANIEL SANDATE: Daniel Sandate is a war resister and a veteran of the Iraq war. He fled to Canada after his first deployment to Iraq because his unit refused to give him treatment for his PTSD. Daniel lived underground in Canada until last year when he was deported to the US and sent to Fort Carson, CO.

OCC’s helped sponsor Daniel’s lead attorney, James M. Branum, in his case at Ft. Carson. In his court martial, Branum presented as mitigation the fact that Daniel’s unit failed to provide adequate treatment for his PTSD. Because of this, the judge gave Daniel an 8 month sentence and an other-than-honorable discharge (much better than the normal 15 month sentence and dishonorable discharge commonly given for desertion cases at Ft. Carson).

If all goes well, Daniel will be released from prison next week. We are having this event to show Daniel and our community that we stand with him and support him.

The event is free, though we will gratefully accept donations so we may continue to provide legal support for conscientious objectors seeking discharge from the military.

Daniel Sandate statement on war (pdf)

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