CCA debuts new creative project with concert “Singing History”

We have started a new ongoing project at CCA, called CREATE☮PEACE.  To learn more about it, click the link.

Singing History: The American Story You Aren’t Taught in School

The Starvation Army Band

Friday August 14, 7pm
Church of the Open Arms
3131 N. Penn, Oklahoma City
Freewill Donations, give what you can:  $1?   $5?   $50?

Fundraiser for the Center for Conscience in Action

You are invited to attend a unique musical event, where history gets revised to include the progressive contributions of workers, people of color, women, LGBTQ, leftists and the entire 99%.

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The Starvation Army Band with Jonathon Marshall, Terry Craghead and Aaron Baker

The Starvation Army Band with Jonathon Marshall, Terry Craghead and Aaron Baker

OKC Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Marshall — who is also a teacher — has created a new history curriculum. It has a good beat, and you can dance (or have a revolution) to it, because it tells the ignored or deliberately buried stories of the courageous, exciting, but messy process of the ongoing democratic experiment we call the United States.

Using the compositions of great musical activists like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, David Rovics and early Bob Dylan, Singing History, performed by Marshall’s group The Starvation Army Band, will expose you to a country and a people you didn’t find in your textbooks.

Joining Jonathan to perform will be the other members of the Starvation Army Band, Aaron Baker and Terry Craghead. This event kicks off a new project for CCA, called CREATE☮PEACE, which gives creative artists the encouragement and support needed to include peace and social justice themes in their work.

Free of charge. Good will donation to Center for Conscience in Action gratefully accepted.

This land of ours has an incredibly colored past for such a young nation. Unfortunately, what we call history classes don’t even begin to cover so many of the people, events, and stories that could do so much to inform our present and our future. Sadder still, there is a movement in our culture to whitewash our history further in the name of American Exceptionalism. Instead, let’s take an evening and dedicate it to these people and their stories. Better still, let’s do it through song. Come join us as we spend an evening hearing and contemplating songs about the less known and more complex parts of our nation’s history.

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