Ali documentary leads into discussion on current GI Rights

On August 12, CCA members and friends had a real treat as Maria Santelli, the executive director of the Center for Conscience and War, came through town with a documentary film for which CCW had served as a consultant.  We showed The Trials of Muhammad Ali at the East  6th Street Christian Church and had a wonderful discussion afterward, which you can hear using the player below.

trials_of_muhammad_ali_theIt’s such an impressive story of personal strength and conviction, we are getting the film for the CCA library, and have requested that the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City also purchase a copy so the community can have access to this outstanding film that captures an important part of the history of conscientious objection. If you are located elsewhere, we strongly encourage you to have your library acquire it as well.

Apologies for the sound quality. The AC was broken and there were a number of large fans running throughout the church’s sanctuary. 
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