Author: Rena Guay

BM birthday 2012a

OKC Supporters Celebrating the Commutation of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

The Center for Conscience in Action has been actively involved in advocacy work for Chelsea Manning since 2010 shortly after she was arrested for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. (She was then known as Bradley.) In that time, we have organized marches, public forums, vigils, talks, letter-writing campaigns, petition drives,…

Holidays and post-election daze

Greetings of the season, and pledging to resist when necessary! Hello and Happy Holidays from the Center for Conscience in Action, which is committed to peaceful but vigorous and vehement activism in opposition to hate-fueled politics and fascism: resistance to war and militarism, protest of injustice and corruption, and development…

Post Trump Rally for Peace and Love in OKC

This is a recording of a rally held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Nov. 12, 2016, in response to the climate created by the Trump campaign and election, and for the purpose of demonstrating and building a coalition of support for targeted groups, including women, people of color, immigrants, refugees,…
Brenda Golden of Red Town Radio, with CCA Upwave Media staff Rena Guay and James Branum.

Rena’s Staff Report for August 2016

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity -- in a good way! Lots of new directions, which is good. Still having to fight very, very old injustices, which is sad. Read James' report here. Upwave Media We named our media production and distribution project Upwave Media (learn more…

Ali documentary leads into discussion on current GI Rights

On August 12, CCA members and friends had a real treat as Maria Santelli, the executive director of the Center for Conscience and War, came through town with a documentary film for which CCW had served as a consultant.  We showed The Trials of Muhammad Ali at the East  6th Street…

CCA debuts new creative project with concert “Singing History”

Three local folk musicians and activists have joined together to form The Starvation Army Band and will debut their musical point of view at a concert to benefit the Center for Conscience in Action. The event also initiates a new CCA program called CREATEPEACE.

CCA to Present 2014 Awards for Courageous Peacemaking

Recipients: Sadie Mast, Chelsea Manning, and Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance The Center for Conscience in Action, along with local friends and supporters, will honor Oklahoma peacemakers in a program on Sunday, October 26 in Oklahoma City. This is the fourth year that CCA (formerly the Oklahoma Center for Conscience…
Branum on Democracy Now

CCA’s James Branum appears on Democracy Now!

CCA's legal director James M. Branum, was interviewed on Democracy Now! about Bowe Bergdahl and the conscientious objector discharge from the US military. "There Were No Good Options": Bergdahl Should Get Honorable Discharge, Says Lawyer. (transcript)
Free Kimberly Rivera 021

War Resistance and Peace Work in Oklahoma – Fall 2013 Update

Since our group was founded in 2004 as a means of support for conscientious objectors to war,  our commitment to work for those who take courageous stands against war has not wavered, but  we have been evolving as far as our specific projects and scope of the work. In 2013,…
OCCPR's Legal Director, James M. Branum, and its Executive Director, Rena Guay, join protest against war with Iran on 2/2/12

We widen our mission, focus on the local … and change our name

The Center for Conscience in Action (CCA), formerly the Oklahoma Center for Conscience, is engaged in the historic and continuing struggle to bring to our nations policy and civil society a better understanding and expression of true justice and real peace. We are a pacifist organization and the state affiliate…