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BM birthday 2012a

OKC Supporters Celebrating the Commutation of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

The Center for Conscience in Action has been actively involved in advocacy work for Chelsea Manning since 2010 shortly after she was arrested for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. (She was then known as Bradley.) In that time, we have organized marches, public forums, vigils, talks, letter-writing campaigns, petition drives,…
Branum on Democracy Now

CCA’s James Branum appears on Democracy Now!

CCA's legal director James M. Branum, was interviewed on Democracy Now! about Bowe Bergdahl and the conscientious objector discharge from the US military. "There Were No Good Options": Bergdahl Should Get Honorable Discharge, Says Lawyer. (transcript)
OCCPR's Legal Director, James M. Branum, and its Executive Director, Rena Guay, join protest against war with Iran on 2/2/12

We widen our mission, focus on the local … and change our name

The Center for Conscience in Action (CCA), formerly the Oklahoma Center for Conscience, is engaged in the historic and continuing struggle to bring to our nations policy and civil society a better understanding and expression of true justice and real peace. We are a pacifist organization and the state affiliate…

David Rovics concert Nov. 14 to benefit Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance

David Rovics in Concert in OKC!  Nov. 14 Internationally renowned singer songwriter chronicling people's movements around the world and inspiring its activists through his music. Visit davidrovics.com to download and learn more. Fundraiser to benefit GREAT PLAINS TAR SANDS RESISTANCE and their efforts to stop Keystone XL pipeline and expansion…
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Book talk and signing by oral historian and author Rosalie Riegle

The Oklahoma Center of Conscience is hosting a talk and book signing with oral historian/activist Rosalie Riegle, author of Crossing the Line: Nonviolent Resisters Speak Out for Peace and Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community. Ms. Riegle is in Oklahoma City to receive the Stetson Kennedy Vox Populi…
Justin Colby

Imprisoned US Army war resister needs your help today

Part of the work of the Oklahoma Center for Conscience is helping to provide low cost (and sometimes no cost) legal assistance to military war resisters. The following story is about one of the clients that our legal director has worked with. We urge you to read this statement and…

We are proud to nominate Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

PRESS RELEASE Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Oklahoma Peace Organization Accused whistleblower deserves the prize for casting light on war crimes committed in Iraq, nomination states The Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research (OCCPR) announced on Tuesday that it has nominated US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning…
OCCPR's Legal Director, James M. Branum, and its Executive Director, Rena Guay, join protest against war with Iran on 2/2/12

OKC says NO to war with Iran

On Thursday, February 2, Oklahoma City activists, including members of OCCPR, took part in a nationwide demonstration called No War in Iran. Huge signs calling on motorists to "Honk for Peace" and "No War on Iran" prompted quite a racket at the busy intersection during the evening rush hour. Veterans…

As Bradley Manning’s trial nears, supporters rally

With Bradley Manning's Article 32 (pre-trial) hearing beginning on Dec. 16 and expected to last several days, supporters around the country are staging coordinated support actions. Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research organized a rally near Penn Square Mall and was joined by Nathaniel Batchelder of the Peace House…
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