Our work is funded primarily through the support of individuals and community groups. Our primary expenses are

  • attorney fees for Conscientious Objector clients with legal situations that require more than lay counseling can provide
  • a stipend for our Executive Director
  • editing and publishing resources on peacemaking and conscience
  • publishing and distributing a newsletter for supporters
  • educational literature & media (printing and distribution)
  • web sites (hosting and administration)
  • education events

Other contributions that would be useful for our work:

How to donate – By Credit/Debit Cards

    • We can accept credit/debit card donations through our Paypal account.
      1. Use this button for a one-time donation

      2. Use these buttons to set up a monthly donation (Paypal calls this a “subscription”) in the increment of your choice. You can stop the payments at any time at Paypal.
        $5.00 $10.00 $20.00
      3. Send through Paypal directly to our email address, info -at- centerforconscience -dot- org

How to donate – By Check

    • Send checks made out to “CCA” and send to:

      Center for Conscience in Action
      c/o Joy Mennonite Church
      504 NE 16th
      Oklahoma City OK 73104

    • CCA is fiscally sponsored by Joy Mennonite Church of Oklahoma City, so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
    • If you would like to donate in-kind services or physical items (listed above) please contact us.

How to donate – By bitcoin

Donate bitcoins to CCA - 19prET2yZ3xjEnEeMpLpNnPwBvxq99BwZE

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