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“It’s a waste to not say anything with art.”
– Yoko Ono

Introducing CREATE☮PEACE, a new program from CCA to help artists express their social conscience

The content on this page also available in our downloadable brochureAfter reading this FAQ, you may submit a proposal for a CCA/CREATE☮PEACE project.


Project FAQ


CREATE☮PEACE is new program area for the Center for Conscience in Action with the goal of providing resources and encouragement for artistic projects that contain or promote a positive, progressive message about peace, social justice or environmental sustainability.

Writers, musicians, painters and other creatives in any artistic discipline are invited to design a project and apply for assistance with its development, implementation and/or public presentation.

Why did CCA develop CREATE☮PEACE?

CCA’s goals for the program are

  • To increase awareness of issues related to our mission with new avenues of outreach.
  • To build a creative community of peace activists and artists.
  • To support politically challenging artistic expression, especially for minorities and under-represented groups.
  • To assist creatives in expanding the scope and reach of their work.

How does CREATE☮PEACE work with artists?

CCA’s support for each project is determined by its unique needs and may include

  • Resources and costs relating to performance/exhibit/screening event(s) or digital publication.
  • Publicity and promotion for initial publication and/or event(s).
  • Content development, editing, or other creative assistance.

The goals, production requirements and public presentation of each project will vary, but whenever possible, it will culminate with an event benefitting CCA. With the project successfully completed, the artist will retain all rights to subsequent performance/publication/exhibit of their work.

At this time, CREATE☮PEACE support does not include direct monetary awards to artists.

What kinds of artistic statements does CREATE☮PEACE support?

We purposefully keep the perimeters loose to allow applicants to shape their project design around their own ideas, but your project should address a peace, social justice, or environmental issue with a broadly progressive point of view.

Here are some issue areas that we like:

  • Resisting war
  • Overcoming racism
  • Reducing consumerism
  • Safe food and water
  • Demilitarizing schools
  • Criminal justice reform/death penalty

A project that explores and promotes some specific aspect of one of these topics would be most likely to be approved, as opposed to one that tries to address its entire scope.

How do I learn more and apply?

You can submit a project idea on our website (or download a printable form) at where you can also find further info and news about the program, peruse our events calendar, and explore the world of socially conscience art.

How are projects selected for development?

There are two steps in project submissions: (1) initial project proposals and, for selected project ideas that meet our guidelines, (2) a more detailed application in which the project’s goals and design are described and its collaborative requirements defined. The artist may work with CCA/CREATE☮PEACE members to prepare this application, if desired.

These applications are reviewed by CCA/CREATE☮PEACE members along with volunteer artists on our advisory committee. As much as possible, these artists will have experience in the area of art or performance the project involves.

Projects given final approval within this program are those that best suited to fulfill our goals (listed in this brochure) and have a development plan that can be realized with our existing resources.

What if my project is approved?

Each project is unique, so it is difficult to provide a general answer to this. In most cases, we expect projects to begin within six months and be completed within a year of approval, but the timeline depends on coordination between CCA’s personnel and resources, the nature/design of the project itself, and the artist’s own goals.

Artists are asked to give progress reports during the project and submit a project analysis at its completion. This feedback helps us better serve the next artists in the program.

Artists, do you have something important/radical/subversive to say? Complete our project proposal form to see it it’s something we can help you create.
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