CCA Legal Support Project for Conscientious Objectors

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We have established the following fee schedule for our services, but please note that we are able to find funding for many of our clients from other sources. Please do not hesitate to contact us due to a lack of resources.

  • No charge – Initial conversations with either our legal director and/or a paralegal volunteer
  • No charge – Continued work with paralegal volunteers if we accept your case
  • $75/hour – Continued work with our attorney for cases accepted by us
  • Other costs vary – This would include travel expenses for our attorney and other staff in the event that an in-person appearance is needed.

We have never turned away a conscientious objector case on account of finances. We ask that applicants pay something towards their costs (even if it is just for one hour of time), but in the past we have always secured funding through other groups to ensure that potential clients are turned away.

Please also note that payment of legal fees by a third party does not change the rules of legal ethics. In the event that a client agrees for a third party to pay some or all of the legal fees, the attorney’s loyalties rest with the client and not with the third party. In other words, the attorney follows the directions of the client in the case and not the third party who may be providing funding.


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