CCA Legal Support Project for Conscientious Objectors

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Downloadable materials for use in drafting your CO Application

Organizational Resources for military CO applicants

The following groups are ones that either provide direct assistance to CO applicants with the application process itself, or that help CO applicants find legal counsel. I have worked with all of these groups and believe that they provide accurate information, but as always I encourage you to do your own research before relying on them or anyone else.

Other Resources

The following groups and websites may be of use to you as well. These groups cover a wide-range of concerns, including support of political war resistance, faith-based conscience organization and general GI Rights and veterans rights groups. As always, I encourage you to not rely on only one source of information, but to confirm what you hear with your own research. (FYI, I do not always agree with the statements/actions of these groups.)

GI and Vet Organizing Groups & Publications

Religoius Peace and Conscience Organizations

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