Early in 2016, CCA launched an exciting new project that we named Upwave Media. Upwave is a way for us to use a wider variety of digital tools to reach a wider and more diverse audience, and to give us a more focused platform for responding to current issues, events and causes. The project has its own domain, at UpwaveMedia.com.

The new project involves audio, video, social media as well as written op-eds, storytelliing and other word-based communications. We hope to eventually incorporate visual communications as well, such as editorial cartoons, infographics and more. We have big dreams, and think there are signicant elements of our project that are unique in the US peace-building community, but of course, expanded development will depend on funding. We hope that what we have already built inspires funders as much as it inspires us!

Podcasts, streaming radio and shortwave broadcasts

The project includes a number of podcasts that are also offered as radio programming both locally and globally. This exciting development means that CCA news and viewpoints are being heard not only in Oklahoma City, but over much of the globe through shortwave radio. We get pretty excited when we hear from folks in Italy, Australia, Russia, and Japan that they’ve listened to our shows!

Here are some of the shows we produce:

  • Peace Buzz – Serena Blaiz hosts this monthly podcast from Oklahoma City and explores new ideas and movements in nonviolent change across the world. Segments have included insights into democracy movements in Kashmir, the US-Saudi Arabia military relationship, the new ethical business model called B corporations, and much more.
  • Exploring Aspergia – James and Becky Branum talk about the challenges — and benefits — of being “on the spectrum” of aspergia/autism. Pushes back against the contention that “aspies” are defective and need radical treatments to be “normal.”
  • GI Rights Radio – CCA’s Legal Director and military law attorney hosts a show addressing the concerns of active duty service members and vets (and their advocates)  and provides insight into obtaining their legal rights from the military, whether it be discharges, conscientious objection, sexual assault or harassment, or other grievances.
  • Nappy Roots Radio – Hosted by activist Camille Landry,  this show focuses in large part upon Africa, the African diaspora, and issues that affect the local and national black community and other communities of color.
  • E.V.E. Radio Program – Upwave is providing extended distribution to this established radio show from Oklahoma City. Hosted by the Ending Violence Everywhere Coalition co-founders Sara Bana and Dr. Dwain Pellebon, the show covers a wide range of issues, but a common theme is criminal justice and police accountability.
  • Red Town Radio: Talk of the Indian Nation – This is our latest connection. Brenda Golden produced the online show regularly from 2010 to 2014. She decided to pick it back up in 2016, coordinating with Upwave for technical improvements and expanded outreach and marketing. We are excited to be working with Brenda, especially at a time when Native American rights are gaining in awareness and respect.

All shows are distributed online via RSS feeds and through various digital podcatchers. But — this is the most exciting part — thanks to a partnership with Broad Spectrum Radio, our programming is shared via shortwave radio. Currently that distribution is limited to select stations based in North America, Europe and Australia, but, again, with adequate funding we could expand that outreach.

Shortwave has an interesting history, but it’s current status in in flux. While many nations are pulling back their shortwave radio production, others — notably the BBC — are finding new ways to use the technology. Rather than allow the shortwave bandwidth to be overtaken and exploited by rightwing politics and propaganda, projects like ours can reach critical audiences who need information and connection to progressive points of view.

Upwave Media hopes to meet that need going forward, by seeking grants and doing targeted crowd-funding campaigns.

Words and Music

This part of our project is still in the early development stage, but we have hopes of print and online publishing of the written word, and to use the universal language of music to further peacemaking in local communities and around the world.

Stay tuned, as they say!

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