OCC creates special fund to assist Travis Bishop’s appellate defense

OCC has set up a fund for the appellate defense costs of Travis Bishop, a conscientious objector who received a 12 month prison sentence (later reduced to 9 months) for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. Travis hopes on appeal to have his conviction overturned, as well as to see the courts recognize that all soldiers have the right to be informed that they can apply for C.O. status.

OCC’s Email Newsletter

This is the first issue of a newsletter that will be going out occasionally to our email list. If you would like to receive it by email, please visit the…

OCC to screen Rethink Afghanistan on 10/14

Join us for the Oklahoma City premiere of Robert Greenwald's newest film, Rethink Afghanistan. OCC will host the film on Wednesday October 14 at 7pm. The event is free and…

Teaching peace workshop kicks off counter-recruitment program

We are very excited to be hosting a workshop on teaching peace in Oklahoma public schools, and with that workshop kicking off a program to provide alternatives to the pro-war messages and limited options offered to young people by recruiters in schools, malls and just about everywhere they go these days. Here's the text of our invitational flyer: