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New monthly action meeting – 3rd Sunday of June and July

We’re very excited about this change in our schedule: We are going to have monthly meetings for some hands-on activities that serve to help end war, promote and enhance GI Rights, counter military recruitment and engage other peace work. The meeting will be on the third Sunday of June and July at 3 pm at Joy Mennonite Church. We’ll see how that time works out and may change later to meet the schedules of participants.

Some of the things we’ll be doing, and ask you to help us with, are:

  • letter-writing
  • poster/banner making
  • literature prep (folding, stapling, and the like)
  • newsletter production
  • website posts and Facebook sharing
  • library management (books, videos)

We’ll play some of our great peace-themed DVDs, or some music. There will be refreshments, laughter, camaraderie, probably a moderate level of mayhem and undoubtedly some fun. If you have any questions or ideas for these meetings, please let us know. Please join us if you can and share this info with others.

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CCA Program Director