Militarism and war

Opt-out of military recruitment information for parents of HS juniors and seniors

If you are the parent or guardian of an 11th- or 12th-grader enrolled in public school, please read on. If you know a parent (or student) that can use this info, please pass it on.

According to the No Child Left Behind Act, your school must release your child’s contact information on demand to military recruiters. But if you act now, you can stop these recruiters from invading the privacy of your home by trying to convince your child to join the military. To say “no” to the school’s release of your child’s information, you must inform the school in writing of your desires no later than Sept. 20.

There is a simple form that should have been provided with your child’s enrollment materials; if not, it should still be available at the school.

If you have problems getting this form from your school, or if you need help with what to write to opt out, call the Oklahoma Center for Conscience at 405.445.0115.

Print and sign this generic form if you do not have a form available in your enrollment packet:

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  1. Turd

    Just think, if we can block the Recruiters from having access to our children. We can then keep ourselves from having an all volunteer military.

    Which, of course, would require bringing back the draft.

  2. Rena

    Ignoring the faulty logic in this argument (one does not necessarily lead to the other), some would say that a draft would be more fair by spreading out the burden and sacrifice of military service now born disproportionally by the poor (aka “the economic draft”). And if a draft were reinstated, this time there would be no “fortunate sons” where the children of the rich and connected could get out of combat service. Thus we would be much less likely to get into stupid, voluntary wars with countries that didn’t attack us or have any means to.

  3. Turd

    So we should wait for other countries to attack us first?

    I dont recall isolationism working out very well throughout history, for anyone?

    Simple logic, without an avenue to create an all volunteer force, there has to be a draft. A draft would not be fair to the military. Its fair to say that most volunteers, want to serve. Draftees, as we have seen in recent history, do not. Thus, making the military less effective.

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