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OKC says NO to war with Iran

OCCPR's Legal Director, James M. Branum, and its Executive Director, Rena Guay, join protest against war with Iran on 2/2/12

On Thursday, February 2, Oklahoma City activists, including members of OCCPR, took part in a nationwide demonstration called No War in Iran.

Huge signs calling on motorists to “Honk for Peace” and “No War on Iran” prompted quite a racket at the busy intersection during the evening rush hour. Veterans of many a streetside demo said the reaction was much more widespread and animated than normal, which they believe shows a lack of support for the belligerent position re: Iran being promoted by the usual war cheerleaders in Washington and on Radio and cable TV.

The event was covered by the City Sentinel, which quoted both Branum and Guay. You can find the article, written by Darla Shelden, on the City Sentinel web site.

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