Drop “terrorism hoax” charges against peaceful protesters, petitions demand of Oklahoma County DA Prater

Supporters to deliver over 14,000 signatures to demand end to politically motivated overreach

OKLAHOMA CITY – Supporters of the Center for Conscience in Action will gather at the Oklahoma County courthouse on Friday January 24 in support of two activists who have been charged with carrying out a “terrorism hoax” when extraneous glitter fell from a banner during a peaceful protest action at Devon Tower on Dec. 13, 2013.

The group will deliver letters and petitions to District Attorney David Prater calling for him to drop the charges against Stefan Warner and Moriah Stephenson, which they consider overreach by the police and DA office to discourage future protest in OKC.

devon banner

“Our city has a long history of nonviolent civil disobedience going back to the lunch counter sit-ins conducted by Clara Luper and her students in 1958,”  said James M. Branum, legal director of the Center for Conscience in Action. “We believe that Warner and Stephenson are following in that great tradition. We urge DA David Prater to drop the felony terrorism hoax charges in this case.”

The case has garnered media attention around the globe. Supporters from central Oklahoma and across the country have contributed over 14,000 signatures on two petitions related to the case.

The Devon Tower action was organized by the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance. For background and details on that protest visit

A media availability will take place in the lobby of the Oklahoma County Courthouse at 3pm, prior to the group entering the DA’s office to present the materials to Mr. Prater. The organizers will also be available for interviews immediately after the drop off.

Some of the petition signatures will also go to Gov. Mary Fallin.

The Center for Conscience in Action, formerly the Oklahoma Center for Conscience,  is a group of organizations and citizens committed to nonviolent action to end war, injustice and environmental destruction, and to create a more equal and peaceful society through the development of personal conscience and collective action. For more info, see

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