Ali documentary leads into discussion on current GI Rights

On August 12, CCA members and friends had a real treat as Maria Santelli, the executive director of the Center for Conscience and War, came through town with a documentary film for which CCW had served as a consultant.  We showed The Trials of Muhammad Ali at the East  6th Street…

CCA debuts new creative project with concert “Singing History”

Three local folk musicians and activists have joined together to form The Starvation Army Band and will debut their musical point of view at a concert to benefit the Center for Conscience in Action. The event also initiates a new CCA program called CREATEPEACE.

Statement on the sentencing of Bradley Manning

The Oklahoma Center for Conscience has issued the following statement in response to today's announcement of a 35 year sentence for Bradley Manning, marking the conclusion of his court-martial and the beginning of appeals and petitions for clemency/pardon. This statement can be published in full or part. Credit quotes from…